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As an oil and gas company in Tanzania, Starfuel provides our high-
quality petroleum products and services at competitive prices.
We offer delivery of Fuel Storage Tanks, Fuel Pumps and Parts,
Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Premium Motor Spirits (PMS) and
Lubricants. We install the fuel pumps and parts when needed. We
also provide our customers with wholesale and mobile fuel

Locally Sourced

All our products are locally sourced and are carefully examined to
ensure that they are of the highest quality. Delivery is available
throughout Tanzania.

What we Offer


Fuel Storage Tanks

We know what makes a fuel storage tank high quality and safe. We will advise you accordingly based on the fuel type that you intend to store, and fuel combustibility. During installation, we use industry best practices to make certain that the fuel is safe, but that the tank serves you for a long time.

Lubricating Oil

We have lubricating oil for both retail and commercial uses, to
help you take care of your vehicle’s parts, and any other

Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)

Our AGO will keep your truck, van, car, or bus functioning optimally while taking care of your diesel engine.

Fuel Pumps

We stock a variety of fuel pumps for different car models. Talk to
us for your retail and commercial needs.

Premium Motor Spirits (PMS)

Clean oil for maximum performance of your petrol-powered engine or generator.
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